Samoan International/Foreign Company

To incorporate an International Company is relatively simple and can be completed within 24 hours (provided all of the necessary documentations is submitted). There is no prescribed application form and no prior Government approval is required.

An Application to register an International Company is made to the Registrar of International Foreign Companies - the Samoa International Finance Authority ("SIFA") through a licensed trustee company under the International Companies Act 1988.

Name approvals must first be obtained from the Registry and a proposed company name can be reserved for up to three (3) months. A Company can be registered with virtually any name and in any language which includes a word (or words) which connotes the existence of a body corporate.


Registration requirements include the Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, Incorporation fee of USD$300.00 and Notice of Registered Office. There is no minimum capital requirement and shares may have a par value or may be of no-par value or a combination of both. Company will be incorporated within 24 hours or less provided all requirements are met.

  • Capital: no minimum capital requirement
  • Directors: Minimum of 1 company director permitted
  • Company limited by guarantee or by shares
  • Company limited both by shares and guarantee ("Hybrid companies") shares
  • Accounts: no filing requirements
  • Secretary/Resident Agent

Main Features

  • Limited life international companies (based on Wyoming LLC Law)
  • Re-domiciliation available
  • Secretary/Resident Agent
  • Annual General Meetings: can be held anywhere
  • Debentrues: Charges may be registered within 42 days of creation

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