Segregated Fund International Companies

A segregated fund International Company is regarded/considered in law as a single legal person. The Company is permitted to establish as many “Segregated Funds” with their assets and liabilities held separately from all other assets and liabilities of the company. A “Segregated Fund” is not regarded as a legal person separate from the Company.

Incorporation: A Trustee Company may apply to the Registrar: To incorporate a Segregated Fund International Company; or to register an existing International Company as a Segregated Fund International Company if authorized by its memorandum; or To register a Segregated Fund International Company by way of continuance.

Requirement: In addition to requirements under the International Companies Act 1987 the memorandum shall state:

  1. It is a segregated fund international Company
  2. Each Segregated fund that is created will bear its own distinctive name or designation
  3. The name of the trustee company to be the first registered segregated fund manager